Tour Of Shenandoah

Tour Of Shenandoah Gets New Portable Restrooms

The Tour Of Shenandoah has listened to our racers and this year we are pleased to announce that there will be twice as many portable restrooms (they are also more spacious) along the course. We've had many complaints in the past that there weren't enough portable restrooms and that racers often had to wait for other races, which ended up hurting their times and sometimes ended up in arguments and fights. To take care of this and ensure that there will be enough portable restrooms for all of our racers we've rented twice as many units from Portable Restrooms USA, a supplier that's known for providing customers with clean, top of the line restrooms for any type of event.

Route and Schedule of Events for the Tour of Shenandoah Bicycle Race are announced.

The Third Annual edition of the race will take place April 27 - May 1st. Professional and top amateur cyclists from across the U.S. and Canada will compete on a five-day, six-stage route that highlights the scenery and history of the region. The event will raise awareness for the control/prevention of Diabetes through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.