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Coaching Tips

Coaching Tip of the month
-- Hunter Allen, Head Coach of The Peaks Coaching Group


Now is the time for you to make your efforts count.
What you do this monthwill impact you in July.
Stay on your plan and be sure not to overdo the intensity this month.

Plenty of work in your tempo and sub-threshold
zones will pay dividends this season. Every chance you get to go for a
long ride, then take it!
Make it a great 2005!


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"In the winter months,
be sure that you are focusing on building your endurance base.

Learn your Heart Rate or power(wattage) zones and then use those tools to establish a 'ceiling' Of effort to not go over. Too much intensity during this month can de-rail your timing for a peak in 2005. Focus on Muscular-strength this month and get in some cross-training with yoga, pilates, swimming, X-C skiing to give your body a well rounded bout of training stress."



"It's important to take time off in the off-season. Your body needs time to re-charge no matter how hard or easy your season has been. It's important that you rest, take some time off the bike and get physically along with mentally prepared for a great winter of training."